Hispanic-White Income Metro Ranking - 2016

Hispanic-White Income Equality

For Latinos, median household incomes were closest to those of whites in Urban Honolulu, HI which was up from #7 in last year’s ranking as a result of 3 percent income growth for Latinos and 1.3 percent growth for whites.  In Urban Honolulu, the median Hispanic household had 80 cents for every dollar of median white household income.  Hispanic and white incomes were least equal in Springfield, MA where the gap was 40 cents on the dollar.  In Springfield, the median household income for Latinos was $23,911 (down 5.1 percent from the 2014 index), compared to $60,105 for whites (down 2.3 percent).

As was the case for Blacks and whites, the highest median Hispanic household income was in Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV ($66,523), #50 in the equality ranking.  The lowest median Hispanic household income was in Springfield, MA ($23,911), #72 in the equality ranking.

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