Hispanic-White Equality Index

The 2015 Equality Index of Hispanic America stands at 77.7 percent compared to a revised 2014 index of 75.8 percent. The increase in the Hispanic–White index resulted from improvements in all categories, except civic engagement. The greatest gains were in social justice (from 66.1% to 72.7%) and health (from 102.4% to 106.9%), followed by education (from 73.2% to 74.6%) and economics (from 60.6% to 61.7%). The civic engagement index declined modestly from 71.2 percent to 71.0 percent.

The large increase in the social justice index resulted from a lower Hispanic incarceration rate and fewer Hispanic high school students carrying firearms.

The increase in the health index was a result of lower death rates among Hispanics and increased health care coverage since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.